Published on : 14 April 20203 min reading time

In order to achieve productivity gains, it is important to focus on the type of management to be applied. It is possible to alternate different management modes depending on the situation. You can focus on directional management. The objective is to reach a predetermined break-even point.


Directional management is known as a mode of management dedicated to the civil service. Its positioning is between the Taylorian vision and the executive function. The executive manager has organizational behaviors. Indeed, he focuses in the organization rather than in the relationship. The objective of executive management is to prioritize the organization and the structure of work relations. It is a means of programming and planning an organization through predefined procedures. The manager becomes personally involved when he decides to undertake a leadership style. The involvement of the latter takes an important place in order to achieve the desired objectives and results. In this case, the manager has the right to control everything without delegating authority to another person.


Directional management is a management style involving a leader who is both authoritarian and autocratic. The leader does not give importance to the desires of his team. He is focused on the objective. In some cases, it is essential to opt for a directive management when dealing with an employee with little autonomy. Indeed, executive management is to be applied in all cases requiring adequate expertise or experience. In order to move the company or organization forward, the manager must remain firm in decision-making to ensure efficient and rapid results. It is possible to adopt another type of management when your employees are capable and competent in their missions.


The objective of all managers is focused on the success of a project and the development of the company. The choice of the management to be applied is crucial in order to be able to properly supervise the employees. The executive management requires a more or less dominant personality in order to be able to master all possible situations. It is a strict and paternalistic management that emphasizes limits and rules. Work management is focused on timing, the deadline to be respected. The manager ensures the follow-up and management of an entire team.