At one time, cycling became the means of urban transport. The idea is to conduct a buoyant business, such as setting up a workshop or a small bicycle repair business.  Are you curious about this project but don't know how to go about it? This article will serve as a suggestion box.


To set up your own bike repair business, you first need to think about the premises where you will welcome your customers. If you don't want to spend a fortune, the ideal solution is to set up your garage, provided it has plenty of space for maintaining and repairing bicycles. When choosing the workshop, you should also think about its proximity. Your premises or garage for mechanical bicycle repairs should not be too far from the city. Mountain bikers and users of bicycles as a means of urban transport must be able to easily reach your garage in case of a breakdown. The premises should be more accessible.


The tools, maintenance equipment, repair product ranges and the abundance of spare parts at your disposal define the services you offer. Generally speaking, a bicycle repair company must offer repair services by carrying out diagnostics, maintenance of bicycle parts, maintenance of the braking system, etc. You must position yourself as a repairer, maintainer and adviser. You must guarantee the riding safety of the cyclists who come to your repair and maintenance workshop.  Depending on your budget, you can also offer the sale of spare parts, safety equipment, specialized tools, and so on. Bike recovery is also a very popular practice. It consists of receiving bikes that have been abandoned, deteriorated or are in poor condition. You can simply recondition them so that they are usable again. To make money, you can offer them for rent or sell them.


The price you will charge for your repair, mechanical maintenance or servicing services for all types of bikes must be competitive. It must not be too much higher or too much lower than that of your competitors. You should always aim for the perfect balance between price and quality. You must also offer a fair price based on the range of tools used by your bike repair company.