The smooth running of a company depends above all on the motivation of its employees. However, various factors can disrupt this good functioning such as stress, lack of motivation, bad atmosphere, team conflicts, etc. It is important to organize events that allow all employees to take a little time away from the work environment to spend together a moment of relaxation and entertaining activities, the aim of which is to create a good atmosphere to stimulate everyone's motivation, thus boosting productivity. Incentives and team-building are ideal.


The incentive is a method of motivating and rewarding employees who have made a special effort to achieve good results. The purpose of the incentive is to build employee loyalty and strengthen their sense of belonging to the company. Team-building is a set of team-building activities whose aim is to create links between employees through the right moment together. Incentive and team-building are events to be organized regularly for the smooth running of the company.


Incentive or team-building has many advantages for both the employees and the company. The advantages of the incentive are the reinforcement of the feeling of belonging to the company, the improvement of motivation, the recognition of the efforts made by the employees,... The advantages of the team-building are the reconnection of the body and the spirit thanks to the various physical activities in order to have a Zen mind, the good management of stress, the creation of a collective energy allowing good communication, the better implication, the reduction and even the elimination of various conflicts, the good professional understanding, etc...


There is a wide choice of activities to organize either an incentive or a team-building event. For the incentive, the company can organise a major sporting event, a gastronomic event, a skiing holiday, an excursion, a salary bonus,... As for the team-building, there are many possibilities such as the Olympics challenge, interactive quizzes, casino evening, walks, treasure hunt, sporting activities, karting challenge,... Whether it is an incentive or a team-building, choose activities that meet the needs of the employees and the company. To guarantee the success of such events that are vital to your company, it is advisable to use the services of a professional in the field. This service provider will be able to offer you the right activities and organize them impeccably.